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A HUGE thank you to my readers

I've been writing all my life, since I was a girl around eight or nine. I've been commercially published since 2012, and I've produced 35 books under my alter ego, Susan Mac Nicol. I decided to follow a different path this time around. I'm an avid lover of fantasy novels, specifically urban fantasy. R.L King's Alistair Stone novels, Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London books, Ben Galley's Emaneska tales and of course, Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden books. All favourites of mine, with many others. I've had an itch to write my own for a long time and I finally feel I'm in the right place to do it. So welcome to my new big adventure, where I try and put my thoughts and fantasies down on a keyboard for you to enjoy.

Thanks for coming on this mystical roadshow with me, and I hope you get to know my books and me a little better by what I share here.

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