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Hidden beyond the veil....

A mysterious village appears amid a great storm in the Scottish Highlands. A contemporary re-telling of the classic story of Brigadoon, Glengáill is a sweeping tale of extraordinary people, in a fantastical place. Book 1 in the Hidden Veil series, these characters will delight you with their humanity, their road to fulfilment and of course, their bravery against those who would seek them out to destroy them.

I'd like to think this book will have everything you'd enjoy - romance, treachery, violence, redemption, angst, humour, quirkiness and a load of conflict. In bringing my unique vision to this tale, I hope to make you close the book, all starry eyed, and say 'I can't wait for the next one." 

If you do, my aim will have been achieved.




Warm blood, soft flesh, and tender organs. Together they made a tasty combination, and the only complaint Coinneach had was the cow he was consuming was bloody English beef.

He regretted raiding his latest customer’s prime rib farm to enjoy a much-needed dinner, but it had been a while since he’d shifted, and he was edgy.

I’ll include the cost of the animal in any settlement we come up with. Can’t have Colin being out of pocket because I was famished.

The last sliver of fresh meat slid down into his stomach, and then he ran. Tongue lolling to one side, wind through his fur and the taste of wood smoke on his lips from the farmhouse fire nearby.

The English countryside sped by in a scenic blur, but it didn’t hold a candle to his own homeland in the highlands of Scotland. The raw beauty surrounding Castle Brannigan, set on the tranquil waters of Loch Awe in Argyll, surpassed any place in the world. It was Coinneach’s haven, his kingdom, the place he’d defend to the death.

Other WIP

Once I get started, I can't stop. More ideas, and inspirations for future books in the fantasy genre. Follow me on social media to keep up to date with what's next.

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Here's a look at another book I intend writing, called Trueman One Voice. It's about a young teenager called Kevin finding himself in a place he never knew existed, nor expected to be. This place is nothing like home, where nobody cared enough about him to even notice he was missing. Gravia is alive with intrigue, strange creatures, moody heroes and beautiful yet lethal spirits. And the journey before Kevin and his friends is fraught with danger and treachery.

dark fantasy (2).png

Who knows when this will be finished...

I have a rather ambitious idea for a truly dark fantasy series which will make you question everything you know about villains :) More on this at a later stage.

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Beyond the Veil

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